Due Diligence Services

It is an investigative process that includes identifying, verifying and confirming made by one party over the other one. It also includes finding out risks and highlighting important issues and insights before the companies could enter into a contract or make an investment.

Why perform due diligence

  • To quantify financial risks based on the jurisdiction of the area
  • Assisting in accurately making the decisions
  • Providing leverage for business valuation and negotiations
  • Ensuring the credibility of the company
  • Meeting legal compliance and regulatory approvals
  • Types of Due Diligence
  • Financial- it is due diligence which is comprehensive and investigative which is to assess the financial strengths of the company by examining its financial data, including sales, expenses and working capital, as well as key tools in management forecast. The aim of the financial due diligence is to help investor see the potential risks and opportunities that a project might haveReal Estate- There has been an increase in buying, selling, leasing and financing of properties
  • With increase in economic activities and higher involvement of the private sector it can be seen that there is a heightened awareness of the risk involved and consequently the need to identify and minimize the risk of frauds in such transactions. Following are the parameters which are researched: title, permitted use, legality of construction, encumbrances and easements which have the ability to affect the nature and suitability of the property for commercial needs.
  • Other- this includes environmental due diligence which includes a review of energy usage, waste disposal, process for packaging and many other that can affect the corporate social responsibility of a firm.