Will and Probate of Will

A will is any document which can be used to divide and transfer the property of a deceased to the people and/or institutions chosen in the document, it can also include minors provided they are under guardianship.

Documents required:

  • The person making the Will must go to the sub-registrar’s office with 2 passport size photographs.
  • A Mental Fitness Certificate of Testator from an MBBS/MD Doctor.
  • Original signed Will.
  • Two witnesses must also be present with their 2 photographs.
  •  Photo proof of person who has made the Will.
  • Photo proof of the two witnesses.
  •  Address Proof of the person who has made the Will.
  • Pan Card of the person making the Will and of the two witnesses.


One of the most important processes involved is to probate. This process involves certifying the will under the seal of competent court authorities allowing the transfer of property to the beneficiaries. A probate process is mostly required to verify the genuineness of the will and if there is not dispute between the legal heirs as to the contents of the will then there might not be any need to probate.